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On30 Two Truck Shay - Colorado Mining Co

New, By Spectrum, Item #25662

On30, 14 Ton Two-Truck Stearns Heisler -

Sound, DCC Equipped, Painted Black, Unlettered, Super Detailed. By Spectrum.

On2 Plymouth Industrial Diesel - $195.00

GRANDTLINE Model, Very Well Built, Excellent Paint, Excellent Condition

On30 Diesel Locomotive by Spectrum -

 New, Sound Ready, DCC Equipped, Item #29202, Whitcomb 50 Ton Center Cab Diesel, Painted, Orange and Cream, Unlettered. 

On3/On30 Diesel Switcher - $200.00

-AMS (American Model Supply)

-Original Box

-Excellent Condition

On30 GAS MECHANICAL, Built-Up , 0-4-0 $150.00

On30 Down & Dirty, Dress-Up Kit for Bachmann's On30 Gas-Mechanical     0-4-0. Excellent Condition.